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Absolutely nothing beats the joy of watching water colours play on paper from the touch of a brush in my hand. I have and always will enjoy painting even though it sometimes takes me ages to get into the momentum of painting. ‘Scribbles and Splashes’ is a blog that I once began when I wanted to let go of the pent-up urge to splash with water colours and share pictures and the behind-the-scenes thoughts with my family sitting kilometres away from me. Over the years, it has been dormant for months (nearing a year and sometimes even more such as when motherhood beckoned!) and then been active in fits and starts.

Mid-2013 is when I feel like looking into the mirror and declaring this as “The Moment” that this becomes the year of the revival and flourish of ‘Scribbles and Splashes’, the blog and its growth into a self-sufficient near-full-time engagement for me.

I thrive in art. Period. If I could, that’s all that I would do all day long. It seems like a distant dream right now, but this is where I start playing around with a wish and seeing how it takes shape. I’m splashing, I’m scribbling about it and I’m becoming “an artist”. From exactly right now.

January 23, 2008

Autumn Revisited

There's something revolting about the general melancholic connotation with Autumn. The sundance of summer's gone and the chills of winters await round the corner - but could the seasons share a better cordiality than one spreading a splendourously warm welcome that the town's awash with? The yellows, oranges and red of autumn leaves mesmerise me with their nearly fiery vibrance. The barren tree branches, having let go of these vivid companions finally show their hereby hidden artistry of shape and dimension. I just love it!

At least I loved it till I tried to put paint to perception. I confess I was nervous to put that up here initially - and each time I logged on, I'd ignore that one post deliberately, just as you don't want to bump into the teacher who punished you years ago in school. I've hoped no one would see it either - or better still, choose to not comment on it even if they did.

Thank God they did. It didn't go unnoticed and I dared not feel escaped. My day began with a friend calling in commenting on everything else and subtly mentioning his disappointment at that particular one. The tree seems aflame; the green grass underneath looks unnatural for the season and the streaks of light look too fake!

That's it, I told myself - I need to give it another shot. I just had to do it - and do it today - at the earliest. Not that I had any better confidence in my abilities, but I simply couldn't log on to the blog another time without having an answer to my own guilty mind which taunted each time with "What about that one?" Here's what I did over the last two hours. I thought I worked at it and looked at my reference picture (and the flaws in the previous painting) carefully.

It isn't great. But I'll get better. I promise!

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