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Absolutely nothing beats the joy of watching water colours play on paper from the touch of a brush in my hand. I have and always will enjoy painting even though it sometimes takes me ages to get into the momentum of painting. ‘Scribbles and Splashes’ is a blog that I once began when I wanted to let go of the pent-up urge to splash with water colours and share pictures and the behind-the-scenes thoughts with my family sitting kilometres away from me. Over the years, it has been dormant for months (nearing a year and sometimes even more such as when motherhood beckoned!) and then been active in fits and starts.

Mid-2013 is when I feel like looking into the mirror and declaring this as “The Moment” that this becomes the year of the revival and flourish of ‘Scribbles and Splashes’, the blog and its growth into a self-sufficient near-full-time engagement for me.

I thrive in art. Period. If I could, that’s all that I would do all day long. It seems like a distant dream right now, but this is where I start playing around with a wish and seeing how it takes shape. I’m splashing, I’m scribbling about it and I’m becoming “an artist”. From exactly right now.

August 13, 2010

While I've been away...

It feels like ages that I last painted - and feels like it'll be ages that I pick up the paintbrush again. And I'm not complaining - though the art-shelf that my husband has tantalizingly set up in this new place that we shifted to while I was away, does seem rather enticing.

While my right hand is on the keyboard, my left one's cupping a sweet little head that has yet to find a supportive friend in the neck that came along with it. Mitali, our month-old daughter has just given me a toothless smile (Awwww...), almost as if to say, "Mum, didn't the doc tell you to sleep whenever I do?"

Before she wakes up and I have to run around looking for cotton swabs and powder and lotion, let me thank all the new friends that I have noticed beginning to follow my blog. Many, many thanks also to all the fellow artists who have been dropping by. And a big 'aloha' to all those of you who have been coming up with some really cheerful stuff that I can see on my blogroll (I'd love to congratulate you individually on many of the works that have caught my eye but I'm not sure when I'd have the time to do that...!)

Hang in there, meanwhile... I'll be back soon!


  1. Congratulations.. Thats great news and you daughter is very sweet.

  2. Congratulations - your daughter is beautiful !

  3. Mitali says 'thank you' to you two!!! :P

  4. good news and beautiful photograph...

  5. Congrats! and thanks for the add.
    Hey you are an artist...no doubting that :)

  6. Mitali (caught sleep-talking)November 18, 2011

    Now that my neck supports my head through every nod and shake, you need to quickly get your fingers to support those long forgotten brushes.

    Over a year ago, you said that it felt like an age since you last painted and that it may be an age before you pick it up again. You're certainly right - for I've gone though all of my life (which seems more than many ages put together) without seeing you paint!

    Having heard and seen (on this blog) so much, I (including neck, head and much more) am just so desperate to see Mumma gracefully at work, producing magic with colour, again and again, as she used to.

    I promise you a smile every time (with teeth covered from view, if you insist).

    So please?